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Pugh Recycling May 8, 2009

Posted by sikhsubculture in Patka.

Got an old pugh? Has it been starched out? Has your saliva messed both
ends of the pugh to the point that you can’t even keep the tail in or
your lahrs are now a two tone grey and white?

There are thousands of starving little Sardars in Punjab that are in
need of patkas. Recent studies have also shown that the primary reason
why many little Sardars are cutting their hair is not because of
social or moral forces, but ECONOMIC ones. The cost of patkas is just
too high. The future of Sikhism is threatened by Adam Smith’s infamous
invisible hand. Furthermore, attempts at regulating the vast and far
flung patka market have failed as huge black markets in the backs of
unscrupulous langar halls have taken hold. Studies now indicate the
black market for patkas and rumals are now bigger than the ethical

Donate your pugh to Pughs for Patkas. A new charity that will take
your pughs, bleach them with lassi, and recycle them for young
Sardars in the poor villages of Punjab. One heavily used pugh can make
12 patkas: 10 white and 2 grey. That means for every pugh, you can
cover the heads of 12 little children across India.

Please call 1800 Pugh4Patkas for more info.




1. Dilbeer Kaur - July 30, 2010

I have made a collection of pughs. Where can I send these to. Please reply urgently

2. sam - May 28, 2009

more pics of patks boys please!

3. ramnik singh - May 10, 2009

is this a real charity?

4. sat - May 9, 2009

Hey do you guys have a contact address for Pugh4patkas for people living in the UK? Is there a Website address?

5. john singh - May 8, 2009

you forgot to mention the double benefits of a double pugh!

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