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The Last Larh – a Sikh man’s Kryptonite April 20, 2009

Posted by sikhsubculture in Pugh.

Every morning I wake up with one question in my mind – how will my pugh look today? Millions of Sikh’s wake up feeling the same way and are itching to get their hands around that warm, soft and clean cloth. It starts off very innocently. One by one I stack my larhs, each one coming out as clean as the last. Slowly as my pugh starts to take form I begin to think that this will be it…the best pugh I have ever tied! No wrinkles, no lines and a perfect shape. But like everyone else I always forget that a pugh is not done until the last larh is tucked.

I innocently finish my fifth larh and bring the remaining cloth around to tuck in. Then I see it, “the cave.” My last larh has essentially broken into two distinct pieces. I quickly un-tuck and try again. No luck. I blast my puni partner for not doing a good job and try and do a mini puni on the spot. I unroll the end of the pugh and try again. Each time I’m hit with a cave, uneven triangle, or even worse, a wrinkly larh. It kills me that no matter how good the rest of the pugh is, the last larh always rules. It is like drawing the Mona Lisa and then spilling paint all over it every single morning.

15 minutes later as I look at the clock and realize I’m sweating, I decide to give in and tuck in my wrinkly, caved-in larh. The last larh again turns out to by my demise.



1. Anonymous - May 21, 2012

This is actually a good article.

2. Guruka Singh - March 18, 2010

I always say a little prayer before I tie the pugh. “I say, Guru Ji, this is your crown. When people see me today they will see you. Please tie my turban for me and make me look graceful. Waheguru!”

That way it’s not me tying it. I just leave it up to Him to do the job.


3. Sardar Pawan Singh Houston wale - November 4, 2009

justt pull it tight and it wont seem that bad, but make sure the rest of your pugh is tight or else it will mess it up.

never trust puni partner! rule number one. thats why i always do it with the door and the wall along the door will tell you the distance. and this is how i know the length of my double pugh if it will be 5 or 6 larhs because i hav many pughs.

4. Ksingh - May 27, 2009

haha yea – i go through that – i learned a trick though .. you take another piece of cloth and stuff it in the “cave” before you finish off the last larh.

5. kavneet - May 21, 2009

tie a double pugh…this wont happen to u

6. singhsaab - April 20, 2009

i suffer from cavitis all the time! haha…good to know there are others

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