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Clank It! March 10, 2009

Posted by sikhsubculture in 5K's.

You know being a Sardar you can have a lot of strange experiences, which are always heightened when interacting with inebriated individuals. I mean just the other day some random asian dude came up to me on the street just as I was getting into a cab, got between me and the cab door and yelled “Salaam” followed by a bow on one knee. It’s experiences like these that make you wonder what actually goes through people’s heads when they see you, but sometimes its people that really know who you are that give you the best stories.

So I’m at a club in New York, you know enjoying the vibe with a few friends. Out of no where a drunk fob dude approaches, smelling like the motherland with pit stains and all:

Fob dude: Paaaji Kiddah

Me: Yea hi

Fob dude: Vhere ju from?

Me: Here

After a minute of staring at each other with nothing to say…

Fob dude: Paaji thusi great ho

Me: Uhh yea thanks

At this point I turn back around and continue the conversation with my friend. We get over the smell of desi ghee which was still lingering in the air from his presence and get back into it, when 5 minutes later I feel someone tapping on my shoulder. He is back…

Fob dude: Paaaji! CLANK IT!

Me: Excuse me???

Fob dude: Just clank it Yaar!

Me: What are you talking about?

He suddenly rolls up his right sleeve and exposes a kara. I look on in bewilderment, he then motions to bring up my right arm as well, and after a few awkward moments I finally do it. He then proceeds to repeatedly bang his kara against mine while yelling “CLANK IT!” It was as if we were two stone aged barbarians who didn’t know the same language and had to communicate using grunts and sign language.

At this point, I have no clue what to do besides stare at him. He suddenly yells “CLANK IT” again and, being mildly amused this time, I enthusiastically thrust my right arm out and you can hear the clanging sound of two metal objects banging together…he then walks away into the sea of people…

I was left standing there in amazement. To date I have no idea what his name was or where he was from, but he has provided me with hours of entertainment and “clanking it”, a noble soul indeed.

I have since suggested it to Nike to use as part of their Punjabi ad campaign:





1. Anonymous - September 14, 2011

Bro, you make the fob guy sound like a fool. Don’t hate on him just because he came fresh from India, it’s probably hard for him to fit in, and he saw you and probably felt a brotherly connection. I’m not a fob, but I’m a sardar, and I would still be THAT guy who comes up to you and says Kiddaan Paaji. And it annoys me when people brush me off like, ‘whatever I don’t know this fool’. We are all sikh brothers and sisters, don’t act like strangers.

2. Amman K Mond - August 31, 2010

i havent heard that in yearsss….

3. Dipali - March 20, 2009

Clank it for khaana!

4. SikhNerd - March 20, 2009

Yo, I’ve been clanking it for years! Right on!

5. vishnu - March 19, 2009

i just clanked it and loved it

6. Suresh - March 18, 2009

awesome article..i can see this becoming the next big slang term

7. Seems - March 17, 2009


8. kakamookoo - March 17, 2009

omg! this happened to me toooo

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